Otsí:tsi’ designs

Rebecca Doxtator

Oneida Nation of the Thames, Ontario

Shekoli/ Greetings. My name is Rebecca Doxtator and I am from the Oneida Nation of the Thames community. I have been beading since around 2014 and started selling my beadwork a year later. Since then, my work has gone from being a casual hobby to an artistic passion of mine. I enjoy doing beadwork as a way to destress and distract myself from the busy chaotic ways of everyday life. I now see my own beadwork as an art form and an extension of myself, my past, and my culture. Beading is the way I ground myself and reconnect back to what it means to be Ukwehuwé in a contemporary sense.

Artisanal products

Intricate beadwork with a pop culture twist.

Handcrafted pieces include:


Otsí:tsi’ designs

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