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One of a Kind Indigenous Art

Person at a throwing wheel creating a clay pot

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Our artists work in many different traditions and disciplines, bringing together talent and teachings to create unique art and products.

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If the COVID-19 pandemic showed us anything, it is that strength is built in community. Our communities succeed or fail based on our ability to help each other, to lean on each other, to treat each other with respect - and we need to actively work together to build cultural, social and economic strength, during the pandemic and beyond.

Indigenous art and hand-crafted items have long showcased an inspirational interconnectedness - between people and communities and the natural world, which resonates with a diversity of people, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. 

Are you an indigenous artist?

With this new, comprehensive marketplace Tecumseh Community Development Corporation is offering the opportunity for Indigenous artists to showcase their art and wares online in order to reach a wider audience. If you would like your art to be included in the site, please contact Tecumseh about eligibility.

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This marketplace was created by Tecumseh Community Development Corporation and was made possible by a grant from the Government of Ontario through the Indigenous Economic Development Fund.